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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vote "Yes!" on Amendment 68...

There seems to be a huge resistance here in Colorado to supporting anything that will add funding to our schools... Colorado ranks near the bottom among all states in public funding for schools. In my humble opinion, Amendment 68 (A68) offers Colorado voters a better option for better schools.

With all the negativity on supporting education in the state, I have a question - What would be an alternative to fund our schools that you would or could support? Colorado voted down a tax increase in the previous election. Colorado schools and their teachers need help! Schools are closing and overcrowding is common place in some areas, Additionally,quality teachers are leaving the career field and our kids are not receiving the education necessary to be successful!  What's the answer? A68 will not cost the tax payers of Colorado a dime! 

One of the major objections seems to be that Colorado should not support an out of state company. My answer to this is - If you don't want to support the out of state entity, don't go there, but don't crap on something that can add to the bottom line of kids getting an education at no additional cost to the tax payer! 

There is an incredible amount of disinformation on the subject floating around.To make an informed decision on how to vote on this issue, take a look at the complete language of the proposition. It will address the concerns that have been at the forefront of the anti-A68 campaign. The number one concern appears to be who will administer the funds? The bottom line is, the State Treasurer will disburse the money to Education Fund on a per student basis. Furthermore, under A68, each and every school district is empowered to use the new education funds provided by the measure as they see fit - that's local control. With local control, schools get the help they need, where they need it.  Please access the full wording of A68 at this link... http://yesforbetterschools.com/.../Initiative2013-2014.pdf .  

Please Vote "Yes" on Amendment 68.

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