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Monday, November 27, 2017

Questions and Answers - continued

Part 3

The Test Drive

Jason jumped into the driver's seat and the couple assumed their places in the vehicle. John got into the front passenger position and Sarah sat in the right rear seat position with her oversized handbag. They proceeded out of the dealership and up the street to the change out the point that Jason used on every test drive. As usual, while driving Jason discussed a few of the features and benefits of the new BMW - and it appeared to him the couple seemed to be very attentive. He thought to himself that this is going to be a great test drive and perhaps an easy sell!

Pulling into the change out area, Jason was once again prepared to demonstrate more features of the vehicle that his clients had said they were interested in during there first meeting. After butterflying the vehicle (a form of opening up the vehicle for inspection including all the doors, trunk and hood) and going over the items - Jason asked the couple who would like to drive first? With agreement amongst the couple, John said that Sarah should be the one to drive first. With this agreement, Jason closed up the vehicle and instructed Sarah and John to take the front driver and passenger positions and he would get in the rear seat. Sarah was very careful to hand her handbag to John, electing not to leave it in the rear passenger seat. 

Jason went over his normal test drive area, pointing out that he preprogrammed the Navigation system with the route. The couple then asked if they could take the vehicle on a longer route to make sure that the vehicle was right for them. Jason took a pause, then stated it was ok, but he needed to be back at the dealership in about an hour for another appointment. Jason really didn't have another appointment, but he didn't want to be on a test drive forever either. The couple said no problem, they just wanted to try the vehicle out on the highway as well as a bit of city driving. And off they went... 

The couple headed toward the freeway. 

Once established on the freeway, Jason notice that Sarah was a very capable driver. The car just seems to fit her in every way. It's like the car was a part of her with the way she drove. After a few miles, John turned to Sarah and said, we want to get off at the next exit. Jason didn't think much about it, he was beginning to enjoy the different route and watching Sarah drive. 

The group exited at the next exit and proceeded to a parking lot. Jason thought to himself that Sarah was now ready to turn the car over to John. This couldn't be further from reality. 

Pulling into the parking lot, John opened the handbag that Sarah had given to him to hold for her. A moment later John revealed a modest-looking handgun, it looked to be a small .380 pistol. John turned to Jason and stated that if he did exactly what he was told, all would go well for him. Next, John pulled a harness out of the bag. Pulling into a parking spot, John turned once again to Jason and stated - this is for you, please put it on. Jason immediately asked - "what's going on?" John replied, don't worry, everything is going to be ok if you just do just what you are told. With some reserve and a bit of fear, Jason did as he was told and began to put the harness on. 

As he was placing the apparatus on he noticed that there was a rather large package enveloped in canvass attached to it. Jason was starting to get very nervous as things were starting to become very clear to him. My life is about to get very interesting, he thought to himself. How do I get out of this situation?   

To be continued in Part 4, Question and Answers... "Reality Sets In"