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Lucy the white boxer dog has been in our family for a little over six years now. She is not truly white but rather what is referred to as a "check boxer" due to her spots. She is not an albino! She has brown eyes and splashes of black on her in addition to her spots. She is a full blooded boxer. She is also extremely healthy with the exception of having a sensitive stomach.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Memphis in Mud

Saturday May 3rd, Terri(the wife) and I went to Memphis in May. If you've been following the national weather seen you'll know that we have had a lot of rain this spring. We stood out in the mud on Saturday evening for 4 hours to be able to get up close to the stage to see Carlos Santana, one of my favorite guitar players of all time. We also saw Buddy Guy and Lou Reed. Buddy Guy was fantastic, Lou Reed was barely tollerable and played none of his classics, kinda boring if you ask me. What a great concert Carlos Santana put on! He and his band came on stage at 10:30 and did not finish until 12:40am Sunday morning... Can you say worth it!!! If you ever get a chance go see Carlos Santana, go!!! You won't be disappointed. Lucy stayed at home that evening, no dogs are allowed on the grounds at Memphis in May. She greeted us at the door at about 2:00am in morning in classic clown boxer style...What a super evening we had! If you need a vacation in early May and you want to include music to your trip, check out Memphis in May. You can get discounted tickets in March and April for all 3 days of the music festival. Please bring a poncho and rubberized boots. It always rains, but good times can be had!!!