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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Bit of History and Frustration!

As I prepare to pay my taxes, yet again, I must rant for a moment... As you read this, note that I am neither a Democrat or Republican. I subscribe to no "one political ideology" other than I vote my own mind. With that said here goes the rant... 

Did you know the Internal Revenue Service was started in 1862 to fund the war between the states. I think we are still paying on that debt. It sucked in 1862 to be a taxpayer and still sucks now.  The IRS is an agency that is controlled by no elected official.  It is an independent arm of the Treasury Department. Sure tax codes are set and approved by the executive and legislative branches of the government but the IRS has almost free reign in their approach to dealing with the American people.

I'm wondering, whatever happened to the Jeffersonian idea of "Democratic Process" and "No Federal Government" intervention into the lives of the citizens of the United States? As many of you know, I served and defended my country as an officer in the military and love it beyond belief. Regardless of this fact, I find that I'm sick of all the  political bullshit in Washington, on both sides of the fence! We need change!!! Right now! I feel as if I'm personally funding the national debt!!! Someone is having a damn good time and it's not me!!!

I want to offer one more thought before leaving this post. It involves  savings in next year's federal budget and perhaps a resultant reduction in the National Debt.  Let's institute a flat tax in this country!  Everyone would pay their fair share.  Don't give me the party line of "disproportionate burden on the poor."  10% is 10% of whatever number you are deducting it from.  It's fair and extremely democratic.  It would definitely increase revenue!  There would be no deductions.  Some will say that a flat would hurt housing.  Guess what, the idiots in Washington already have their sites set on not allowing you to deduct your mortgage interest in the very near future.  Think about it for a moment, the government is already reducing the amount of deductions that you can take nearly every year.  If you are like most middle income families, you fall in the 25% to 35% tax bracket.  You somehow manage to reduce you tax burden down to about 15%-20% using your deductions, while others pay next to nothing. When congress finally gets around to removing your one true deduction of owning a home, you'll pay more and they'll spend more, regardless of the party in power, but you will suck it up and continue to own your home because that is the true American dream.

You know what I really like about the idea of a flat tax, it would allow the American people to un-employ several thousand Internal Revenue Service workers...Your taxes would simply be deducted by your employer or perhaps, if self-employed, payed by you on a monthly basis and you would never have to deal with filing a return.  A flat tax would put much needed money into reducing the National Debt, simplify the process, and  help free up money to grow the economy, its simple economics.  Best of all, everyone would pay their fair share!  

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