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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Huge Change!

I'll begin this post by stating that there have been some major changes to my body and my life! 

I recently took an 8 week challenge from my wife. You see, she is a distributor for a product called Le-Vel Thrive. When she first told me what she was promoting I was very skeptical.  She said she had found this new product that would help me get my weight under control, have more energy and mental clarity, as well as improve my overall feeling of health. All I had to do is take two pills when I first awoke in the morning, have a shake mix for breakfast about 20 minute later and put on their DFT foam patch for the day. She stated that I wouldn't have to change anything else in my life style and I would see and feel a huge difference in my body. This sounded kinda like one of those miracle prescriptions that never pan out, right! Right! After a couple days of pestering I took her up on the challenge. 

I didn't really notice anything until about the third day of the challenge. The first thing I noticed was I had more energy. The second thing I noticed was that the normal aches and pains that I felt on most mornings were gone. The third thing that I noticed was I wasn't reaching for the coffee pot to get me going. I use to be about a six cup a day coffee drinker, but not anymore.  Although I had taken notice of this change, I didn't say anything to my wife about feeling better, I just let it ride. 

At the end of the first week I weighed myself and to my surprise I had actually lost three pounds and I was feeling really great! This weight loss continued throughout the eight week challenge. Every week I found myself 2 to 3 pounds lighter. By the forth week I started including a bit of exercise into my weekly routine and the pounds just melted away. I found myself excited about getting out and doing things again. My golf game really improved and I started looking forward to walking my weekly round of 18 holes and carrying my golf bag again. 

Thanks to my wife's encouragement for me to begin this challenge I have gone from being a middle-aged 6 foot 1 inch couch potato, weighing 243 pounds, to trimmer and more energetic 218 pound healthy person. I've lost 4 inches off my waist line and put on lean muscle in the process. The challenge was probably a life saving event for me. My goal is to be under 200 pounds by the end of the year! I think I'll be there sooner. 

More energy and a better mood to get out and do the things I used to do is what the challenge has brought me. What's holding you back from accomplishing the things you want to accomplish? Do you want to feel better? Lose some weight? Have better mental clarity? For more information on the Thrive 8 Week Challenge go to www.rockymtnthrive.com . Either link will get you there! 

Take the challenge!  I've become such a believer in the product(s) that I can't image myself going a day without it! Thrive on! Live life to the fullest... Thank you to my wife for introducing me to this amazing experience. 

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