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Lucy the white boxer dog has been in our family for a little over six years now. She is not truly white but rather what is referred to as a "check boxer" due to her spots. She is not an albino! She has brown eyes and splashes of black on her in addition to her spots. She is a full blooded boxer. She is also extremely healthy with the exception of having a sensitive stomach.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Question and Answers - Continued

Part 2

The Appointment 

2:00 pm came and went… Jason thought that he had been stood up on the appointment when suddenly his phone rang. Hello this is Jason, how may I help you? The voice on the other end of the line came back - hi, Jason, this is John Ramsey. I’m running a bit late. I’ll be there in about thirty minutes. Will you have the car ready when I get there? I’m looking forward to seeing and driving it.  Yes, I’ll be here responded, Jason. The car is parked in front of the dealership and is ready to go. Thank you for calling and letting me know that you are running late.

Jason prepared himself for the appointment, he even went out to the car to make sure there was gas for the test drive and also reassured himself that the car was looking its best. This just may be a great day, after all, Jason thought. 

It was 3:45 pm when the black sedan pulled into the parking lot. A tall dark-haired man in a black suit wearing sunglasses emerged from the driver’s side of the car. A moment later the most striking tall redheaded woman exited the passengers' side. They walked up to the dealership entry together and upon entering the building the man stated that they were here to see a salesman by the name of Jason. 

The desk manager instantly got on the intercom and announced that Jason’s customer had arrived.

Jason was up on his feet in a flash. Upon leaving the bullpen, Jason made an examination of his appearance and readied himself to deal with his appointment.

Rounding the corner Jason first saw the tall man with the sunglasses. Hi said Jason, I’m assuming that you are John Ramsey. Yes, and you must be Jason, the man started putting out his hand to shake Jason's. I’m sorry about the late arrival but I had to stop and pick up my wife Sarah. That’s OK stated Jason. Hi Sarah, Jason said with a smile – it is nice to meet both of you. The woman smiled but did not say anything. 

I have the car parked right out front and ready to go. Both of you will want to see and drive the vehicle, it’s a real beauty of sports car. Step this way Jason said with a smile. The man and woman followed Jason out of the building.

Exiting the building Jason noticed how strikingly handsome the couple were together. He also noticed that the woman was carrying a rather oversized lady’s bag.  Would you like to leave your bag inside the building Jason asked her, no one will bother your stuff. She instantly responded with no, I think it must come with me. OK, said Jason.

The couple walked around the vehicle displaying an interest in all that Jason had to say during his demonstration. The usual questions and answers were being relayed back and forth between the salesman and the customers. Finally, Jason asserted, let’s take her out for a test drive. The couple instantly smiled and said okay. I’ll have to drive the car off the lot and then we’ll switch out drivers Jason said, the couple nodded in agreement. Let me get a dealer tag and we’ll be on our way. Oh and one more thing, I’ll need a copy of your driver’s licenses. The man’s expression dimmed for a moment.

Why do you need a copy of my licenses, don’t you trust me, he asks? It’s company policy, that’s all Jason stated. Just in case we get in an accident or you guys decide to kidnap me or something, the company will have a record of whom I’m with on the test drive Jason said with a smile.  The man’s expression lighted and he opened his wallet and produced a temporary license. We just moved out to California about three weeks ago the man said. Oh, that’s OK said Jason; this will work while examining the temp license. Just one of those boxes I have to check off if you know what I mean... and Jason left to get the tag. 

Returning to the couple with the dealer tag in hand, Jason was now ready for the demonstration ride and the adventure that awaited him. 

Coming Soon!

Part 3

The Test Drive

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Questions and Answers

A Short Story

"Questions and Answers"


Bob Novotney

Part 1

Jason the now 57-year-old car salesman pondered his situation quietly as he gazed out the window of the car dealership. How did it come to be that he was here? What bad deed did he do that brought him to this point in his life? Was God punishing him?  Or, was it something else?

I have always been a top performer in everything that I have ever attempted in my life, he thought to himself.  Is this what remains available to me for the remaining eight thousand days I have left on earth?  Am I to make my living based on the buying and selling of others Am I being served a slice of humble pie for taking the life that I have lived for granted?  These were just a few of the thoughts running through Jason’s mind.

While having sold cars to work his way through college, Jason knew that this was not what he had planned for his life.  Life had come full circle he thought to himself. What was once old and out of mind had become new and unfamiliar.

Suddenly, a gentle voice came out of nowhere interrupting Jason’s thoughts. What’s up partner? Jason turned to find his deskmate and friend Carole was there, greeting him with a warm smile. So how are things going today, she said?  Oh, hi there. Things are going okay I guess was the response that he gave while holding back his true feeling. I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to get a car out today.  In his mind, he was really thinking about how and why he had been downsized out the job that he really loved a few months ago.

Things are kind of slow today, he said. I’ve called all of my prospects but I don’t really have anything cooking at the moment. How’s your day going? Carole replied with I’m having a great day! I have two appointments set and it looks like I’m building some momentum today. That’s great Jason replied. Go get em’ tiger!  Then his desk phone rings.

Hello, this is Jason, how may I help you today? The voice on the other end of the conversation sounded deep and dark. Yes, hi, this is John Ramsey and I am doing some research. Oh, said Jason, how may I assist? Yes, I’m looking for a new BMW 325i the voice came back saying. Well, you’ve picked a great time to be interested in a new BMW, Jason replied. What specific questions do you have about the 325i?

My main question is what is the price on the 325i convertible you have listed online equipped with the full navigation package the voice said. Is the navigation package something that must be on the car Jason asked? Yes, the voice answered back. Well, you are lucky; we have a convertible version in stock. What’s your favorite color Jason asked automatically?  Well, I prefer red the voice answered. Great, we have exactly what you are looking for. When can you come in to take a test drive Jason asked? I’ll be down at your place in about an hour, will you be available the voice answered?  Yes, do you need directions to our locations Jason answered? No, I know where you are located and besides, I have a GPS. Great! Jason responded. I’ll see at 2:00 o’clock then, but just in case I miss you what is your cell number?  My number is 555-2314 with a Memphis area code of 901. I’ll see you at 2:00 pm the voice stated. Great, I’ll see you then Jason stated and hung up the phone.

Wow, Jason thought, maybe today will be a better day after all.  Keeping busy and selling a new car will certainly keep my mind off of past glories and indiscretions.   I’d better get the red Beemer ready for a test drive.  Let’s see, what was that stock number again?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Short Story

A Successful Landing

by Bob Novotney

The command was “Eject – Eject - Eject!”

It seemed like an eternity after pulling the handles for the ejection seat to fire. Time slows when you’re having fun the pilot thought to himself! Watching with great interest, the pilot observed his feet drawn in by the stirrups and the seat slammed back. The canopy that was once protecting him from the elements disappeared from view. Suddenly the force of twenty-one G’s pressed him to his seat as the blast of the veneer rocket sent him upward and away from the aircraft. This is a once in a lifetime ride; I’d better make the best of it the pilot thought.
Everything was working as advertised in training.

Although traveling at more than 350 knots at the time of the ejection, he had hardly noticed the violence of the windblast or the loss of his flight helmet. Even with the distraction of the loss of his helmet, his training took over.

Once kicked free of the ejection seat, he started the routine taught to every pilot who finds themselves in the situation after getting a good chute. The routine came automatically – Canopy, visor, four-line and finally, prepare for landing.

At the end of every flight, there is a landing. In this case - a parachute landing! The PLF (parachute landing fall) as known to many), is designed to reduce the shock of hitting the ground. It distributes the load of impact to multiple points of the body. 

In reality, most pilots look at the termination of a flight in this situation as having two possible outcomes. You can make a PLF or you can make a PFL (poor f*@king landing). The real difference here is, the PLF is taught in training, the PFL is how you should not accomplish the task, as something always manages to get your attention when you come to a full stop. 

The C-9 canopy (parachute) is not noted to be the most maneuverable parachute in the world and today was no exception. While the pilot did not attempt to steer the chute at first, some rather rough looking terrain was coming up fast.  Trees and fence posts are not the most desirable of landing areas! 

Turning the chute into the wind, the now first time parachutist managed to miss the trees but hit the fence line at about twenty miles per hour. The sudden stop was not the most welcomed of outcomes but the pilot realized that he was alive on the ground.

It is kind of funny how the human body works. You can sometimes suffer some rather significant injuries and still function in a rather normal capacity. Adrenaline and survival instincts are hardwired into each of us and today was no exception.

The pilot actually completed his post-landing checklist by detaching himself from the parachute by releasing the quick disconnects on the harness. He also took stock of where he dropped the seat kit that was attached to him while coming down. The seat kit holds some rather important items – a radio, food, water and in this case a rather useless one-man life raft. Basic stuff when you think about it, but even in a peacetime training environment these simple items may make the difference between living and dying.

Taking stock of his location, the young pilot realized that he had two options - He could go get the seat kit and use the radio to call Rescue or he could walk over to the nearby farmhouse and try to use the phone to call the base and have someone come get him. Since it didn’t appear that he was hurt, he elected to do both.  But first, he needed something to drink.

He felt as if he had cotton in his mouth and he could feel some of the effects of shock starting to take hold of his body. And then there was this streak of pain in the lower back that was starting to take over his conscious being. After retrieving the seat kit, the young pilot decided that it was time to take a seat and let everything from this point forward come to him.

Finding a cool place to sit, the pilot began to reflect on what brought him to this point in time…

So, you want to become an Air Force Pilot! The odds are not with you the recruiter told the new recruit. Only about two out of two thousand that apply actually make it to a flying position. But since you are transferring over from the Marine PLC program you may have a shot at getting a flying slot with us. But you’ve really got to want to succeed to fly airplanes in the military.
These words were to hold true in the coming months.

The real truth of the matter is, the military has to have use for you, i.e. want you! There are only so many flying slots to go around. It helps if you graduate from the Air Force Academy, but even this is no guarantee of successful completion of pilot training. Some very bright and accomplished students have washed out of pilot training and some not so bright and underachievers have gone on to fly some rather great aircraft. The only thing that holds true is that if the Air Force wants and needs you and you have the desire and discipline to stick with it, you’ll succeed the recruiter went on to say.

This sounds like a “Catch Twenty Two” the recruit thought to himself. School was always easy to him he thought. There will be no problem with graduating from college and flight-training academics should be no problem as well. After experiencing Marine Corps basic training, anything the Air Force could throw at him physically should be a breeze he thought. With nothing but positive thoughts of how he would succeed at this challenge, he was ready to sign up!

Awaking from his thoughts of the past, the young pilot could hear the sound of rescue vehicles in the distance along with the sounds of rotor noise from a helicopter coming toward his position. He readied his survival radio and made the call. “Rescue, Rescue, Rescue - This is Mustang three-two, I’m on the ground and ok.” My location is in a field next to a fence line about three-quarters of a mile west of a farmhouse just off of what I think is Highway 50.  Ready to pop smoke to mark my location.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Book Published

I know this is way off the subject of Lucy the White Boxer Dog but I needed to let everyone know of my new book. You can find it on Amazon over in the Kindle Books section. For a quick look at the new issue please click here! The link should open in a new window.

Now for what the book is about... It's kind of a self-help book covering the topic of fatigue. It actually, a practical guide on how to approach a serious topic that we all encounter in our daily lives. It's a fairly quick read but don't underestimate its value. The book is packed with checklists and advice on how to cope with everyday causes of fatigue.

If you are looking for a quick reference on the topic of fatigue, I think you will find it useful.

Monday, March 30, 2015

It Will Break Your Heart

I haven't really written about my constant companion Lucy lately. She turned ten this past fall and can now officially be considered a senior citizen. Her mind is still as sharp as it ever was. She is still very playful and has a lot of heart and wants to go everywhere. While she has the heart she just doesn't have the legs for it anymore.

She is experiencing what many dogs go through in their later years. She has developed a lack of strength in her hindquarters. While we still go for occasional walks, it saddens me not to be able to take her on the big outings that we use to go on together. The trails behind our home are quite steep and rugged. If we do take one of them, it is at a pace that doesn't challenge her physical state. I say that, yet I do find myself helping her with obstacles from time to time. Her wellbeing is always at the forefront of our activities together. This is part of the daily routine when helping an aging friend enjoy life.

Stiffness and discomfort is part of what she is experiencing in the aging process. One of the things I do for her to ease her stiffness and discomfort is massage. This takes place first thing before she goes to bed at night and then again the first thing in the morning to get her up and moving. It seems to help, I just wish I could do more. We've spoken with the Vet about different things that might be done for her condition but there are no real solutions to the problem. The best advice the Vet gave us was "let her do the things she wants, she'll tell you when she not up to it, just pay attention to what she's telling you. It will break your heart, but she'll let you know!"

I guess the next step in the evolution of my aging boxer is a doggy wheel chair. At least this will provide her a means to get bit of quality outdoor time and exercise. The newly designed chairs actually exercise the hind quarters while the dog uses its front legs to propel themselves. I'm a bit apprehensive as to how accepting to the chair Lucy will be. Only time will tell... Stay tune for the new adventures of Lucy the White Boxer Dog with her new wheels. Until next time... Peace be with you and enjoy the time you have with your favorite critter and friend.

Are you looking for natural ways to help your dog live a healthier life? Please click here to try a new way of care.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Is It You Do In Life?

I often have people ask me about what I do for a living. No one seems to understand just what it is I do? I use to go into a litany of detail about my professional life, but not anymore. I no longer tell people how I am an independent contractor for instructional design. No longer do I tell them about the cool inventions I'm associated with at KOSTechnolgy, a startup company that I'm working with. No longer do I tell them about how I work tirelessly in the insurance industry to help people, or about me and my wife's home-based business. Today I just tell them that I am involved in multiple projects. My elevator pitch goes something like this...

"I have the greatest job in the world! I help people accomplish goals. Whether those goals involve instruction and training, finances, health insurance or starting a business - I help people accomplish their goals! I'm involved in multiple projects and for this, I am compensated in spirit and in my personal goal of making a living."

Here is an example of how I have even shortened up my job description in my insurance life to provide even better clarity as to what I do. When someone asks me what I do I simply smile and state:

"I have the greatest job in the world! I help people accomplish their goals. I have over twenty-five solutions to helping people achieve their financial security and another twenty-five to protect their health. I truly love what I do and I'm good at it!"

The thing I love about this less than thirty-second job description is that every word of it is true and it brings laser focus to just what I do! Is there any question in your mind about what I do?

What is your thirty-second job description? Does it bring a smile to your face? Have you tried improving yours lately? I almost guarantee if you start it out with a positive statement it will improve and make you smile! I know mine does!