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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Questions and Answers

A Short Story

"Questions and Answers"


Bob Novotney

Part 1

Jason the now 57-year-old car salesman pondered his situation quietly as he gazed out the window of the car dealership. How did it come to be that he was here? What bad deed did he do that brought him to this point in his life? Was God punishing him?  Or, was it something else?

I have always been a top performer in everything that I have ever attempted in my life, he thought to himself.  Is this what remains available to me for the remaining eight thousand days I have left on earth?  Am I to make my living based on the buying and selling of others Am I being served a slice of humble pie for taking the life that I have lived for granted?  These were just a few of the thoughts running through Jason’s mind.

While having sold cars to work his way through college, Jason knew that this was not what he had planned for his life.  Life had come full circle he thought to himself. What was once old and out of mind had become new and unfamiliar.

Suddenly, a gentle voice came out of nowhere interrupting Jason’s thoughts. What’s up partner? Jason turned to find his deskmate and friend Carole was there, greeting him with a warm smile. So how are things going today, she said?  Oh, hi there. Things are going okay I guess was the response that he gave while holding back his true feeling. I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to get a car out today.  In his mind, he was really thinking about how and why he had been downsized out the job that he really loved a few months ago.

Things are kind of slow today, he said. I’ve called all of my prospects but I don’t really have anything cooking at the moment. How’s your day going? Carole replied with I’m having a great day! I have two appointments set and it looks like I’m building some momentum today. That’s great Jason replied. Go get em’ tiger!  Then his desk phone rings.

Hello, this is Jason, how may I help you today? The voice on the other end of the conversation sounded deep and dark. Yes, hi, this is John Ramsey and I am doing some research. Oh, said Jason, how may I assist? Yes, I’m looking for a new BMW 325i the voice came back saying. Well, you’ve picked a great time to be interested in a new BMW, Jason replied. What specific questions do you have about the 325i?

My main question is what is the price on the 325i convertible you have listed online equipped with the full navigation package the voice said. Is the navigation package something that must be on the car Jason asked? Yes, the voice answered back. Well, you are lucky; we have a convertible version in stock. What’s your favorite color Jason asked automatically?  Well, I prefer red the voice answered. Great, we have exactly what you are looking for. When can you come in to take a test drive Jason asked? I’ll be down at your place in about an hour, will you be available the voice answered?  Yes, do you need directions to our locations Jason answered? No, I know where you are located and besides, I have a GPS. Great! Jason responded. I’ll see at 2:00 o’clock then, but just in case I miss you what is your cell number?  My number is 555-2314 with a Memphis area code of 901. I’ll see you at 2:00 pm the voice stated. Great, I’ll see you then Jason stated and hung up the phone.

Wow, Jason thought, maybe today will be a better day after all.  Keeping busy and selling a new car will certainly keep my mind off of past glories and indiscretions.   I’d better get the red Beemer ready for a test drive.  Let’s see, what was that stock number again?

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