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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boxer Dog Monotony and Variety

Monotony and variety are always inter-connected in case of dog misbehavior. Yes, this is true! Many a times, monotony can be managed with an assortment of materials that will distract the animals to a greater degree. Hence, the dog may not do the deviant or unwanted activity arising out of the monotony it experiences.

Boredom experienced dogs may have different types of behavioral patterns. For example, some dogs will be seen barking incessantly and some may engaged themselves with digging activities.

There are many ways to get your dog out of its boredom activities. Many toys are available which simulated ducks, dogs, rodents and many others. These toys may be kept inside the crate. Puppies absolutely love these items! A Buster Cube with multiple treats may be placed in the dog’s sanctuary and the animal soon understands on how to roll the buster cube to get the treats it prefers. A Buster Cube is an ingenious toy use for simulating and activating your dog during play and feed time. Instead of placing the food boringly in one place, change the place of feeding unexpectedly and your dog will relish searching out the new placement of its food.

Such actions will be helpful for removing the monotony like activity in your dog. Activities pertaining to monotony need to be redefined well by the dog owners. This will help them to a greater extent to drive away the unwanted behavior patterns in their pet dogs.

For example, some dogs may often have destructive biting behaviors and will be seen biting chairs, clothes, mats, and everything that can get into their mouths. After ruling out the teething problem if it is a puppy, provide it with some large sized balls, mineral mixture based bone materials, etc. Such diversity of materials help to reduce the boredom related activities.

By following these few simple suggestions you can turn your dogs dull and bored lifestyle into an assortment of fun filled activities that may save you a headache and perhaps money replacing the items a bored boxer can destroy... I trust this will help someone with their favorite critter!


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