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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Digital Camara

As many of you have probably guessed, I love to take pictures, and my favorite characters are my pet Lucy and my family. In the old days I use to shoot a lot of film in my old Nikon F1 SLR. I mostly shot black and white film and then would have it converted to digital media in order to send the pictures to friends and family or post them to a blog or website. Well over the past year I decided to bite the bullet and buy a digital SLR. This saves me time and money on developing film and gas for the Mini.

When I first started researching digital SLRs I was stunned at the variety of camera's on the market. And believe me,today, there are varieties of digital cameras to choose from! Whether you shop either at the department store or online stores, you will see lots of them. I caution you, different digital cameras offer different features and capabilities. This is the reason why choosing one is getting more and more difficult. Once you see what each have to offer, you will obviously have a hard time deciding which one to buy. This happened to me!

One of the usual mistakes that people commit when buying their own digital SLR camera is to be enticed by what the advertising mediums have to say about them. By the time they own that camera, they will realize that they are not as good as they first thought. At this point it is too late to return it and opt for another kind.

Keep in mind that getting a digital SLR camera should take a lot of consideration. Just like buying a car, you have to consider all aspects since this is one thing that you want to work well and would want to have for a long time.

Below are some of the things that will aid you in your decision making process before buying a digital photography camera of any kind?

1. The cost.

Ok, so you want the latest Canon digital camera out in the market (I prefer Nikon, but it's your choice). But are you ready to shed the needed amount of money for it?

Cost is a big factor when buying a digital SLR camera. It is obvious that the best camera comes with a price. And your budget may not exactly encompass its high cost. The entry level Canon Rebel Digital SLR will set you back somewhere around $600+.

This is not saying that cheap ones are not as good. There are those that you can get for a reasonable price and still works just as well as an expensive one. You need to shop around for the best deal first before you decide on one. Better yet, maybe you can save up on that expensive camera that you wanted all along. This also gives you the opportunity to research the software features the various digital cameras offer. The software package can make a lot of difference in you satisfaction with the camera.

2. The purpose.

Will you be using the camera to shot your family members? Or are you planning to shoot some good photos worthy of a professional?

By knowing what use your digital camera will have, it will be easier to determine the type of digital camera to buy. If you buy a simple one that can be used at home, you will not get the capabilities that you need if you plan on taking really good photographic pictures. On the other hand, it would be a waste of your money if you have the latest digital camera only to be used for personal photos at home.

3. The durability.

Since digital cameras are more expensive than the conventional film cameras, you definitely would want something that will stay durable for a long time. You want something that will last even through rough handling and seasons. (My old Nikon F1 has been in my family for over 25 years. I hope my new digital SLR lasts that long?)

If you happen to purchase a typical digital camera you may want to buy some accessories to protect it from scratches and damage. It is best however to get one that is known to have a good quality and durability. Nikon and Canon are both known as rock solid cameras. But they are two very different SLRs. My Nikon has the auto-focus feature in the lens where the Canons are body driven focused camera. The one draw back to having a body focused camera is when the auto-focus fails, you either have to have the whole camera fixed or repaired as opposed to just replacing the AF lens on the Nikon.

Get the best value out of the money that you will pay for a digital photography camera. Think hard about these important factors first so you will get it right the first time.

Ok, now it's time to tell you which camera I bought and why? I ended up buying the Nikon D-40 complete kit. The reasons are simple, my last Nikon has lasted me most of my adult life. The Nikon D-40 met my budget and has a superior camera body along with a super software package. It also handles much like my old Nikon and I can shoot the camera with all of my old lenses I have bought over the year, in manual mode on the camera of course! I also did a lot of research on the camera. The only negative about the Nikon compared the Canon is the pixels count. The Nikon only has 6.1 mega pixels compared to the Canons 10.0. But I'm not shooting professionally and I trust Nikon! The Nikon, in my opinion has a better software package and comes with everything you need to integrate with you computer. Any questions?

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