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Lucy the white boxer dog has been in our family for a little over six years now. She is not truly white but rather what is referred to as a "check boxer" due to her spots. She is not an albino! She has brown eyes and splashes of black on her in addition to her spots. She is a full blooded boxer. She is also extremely healthy with the exception of having a sensitive stomach.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

One more picture

I just had to post this picture of our family in Memphis. It's a picture of Terri and I with of course Lucy. Lucy is actually looking at the camera in this one. We had a great time hiking the camera and tripod into the area we took the picture in. The nice thing about this time of the year here in Tennessee is you don't have to worry about snakes. I hate snakes!!! But I really like the area down by this creek! The background was super for a picture!

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