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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park

At one time, the Rocky Mountain National Park was known by
early explorers as “America’s Switzerland.” Although there
are many beautiful mountains for hikers in this country, none
beat the Rocky Mountains.

The beauty is breathtaking, the colors vivid, the wildlife
diverse, and the air crisp and clean! The entire park covers
approximately 415 square miles, meaning you have a huge
selection of areas to backpack. One of the favorites is
outside of Estes Park, a quaint little town with a big heart
and even bigger history. This area of the park has massive
alpine tundra that covers about 65% of this area.

If you backpack on the lower section, you will be walking
through ponderosa pine, juniper, and Douglas fir trees.
Wildlife includes large herds of elk, coyotes, marmots, badgers,
and bighorn sheep. Since this park offers more than 355 miles
of trails, it is considered among the best in the United States.

The only downfall to backpacking in the Rocky Mountain National
Park is that because it is so incredible here, people come from
around the globe to get caught up in the experience. Therefore,
fighting crowds is a possibility, even in the backcountry.
In fact, each year more than three million people visit the
Rocky Mountain National Park although not all backpack.

Keep in mind that because this national park is so precious,
special permits are required for backpacking on some of the
trails as well as camping. In fact, you would need to make
reservations ahead of time. While you can reserve a one-day
permit to stay in the backcountry overnight any time during
the year, from June to September, you are limited to seven
night stays.

You can learn more about backpacking, including how to plan for
a trip, what to bring, how to pack and how to remain safe, by
buying a new ebook, “A Beginners Guide to Backpacking”.

Here is just SOME of what you will learn by reading this
comprehensive ebook:
- The unwritten rules and backpacking ethics shared by fellow
backpackers – you’ll know what to do and what not to do in
every possible situation that could arise out on the trail!
- How to properly plan for a backpacking trip – knowing this
important information could very well be the difference between
having a safe and a disastrous outing!
- Five things you must know before going out on a backpacking
trip – skip these important steps and you will be inviting disaster
- The truth behind the statement “great campsites are found –
not made” – and what you can do to ensure you always have a top-notch
- How to build a campfire safely – you may be very surprised at
what you read here! What to do with food to ensure that it is not stolen or eaten by
animals – this tip will keep you from going hungry later on!
- Four tips for remaining safe while backpacking – follow these
important tips and ensure that you return safe and sound!
- How to choose the right equipment – this is the most important a
spect of successful backpacking ... I’ll tell you what you need,
what you don’t, how to pick out the best equipment and even how to
save money on your purchases!
- How to develop an equipment buying strategy – so that you don’t
end up spending your entire savings on equipment!
- What to expect as far as backpacking costs – read this information
and ensure you won’t be surprised or unprepared later on!
- How to pick the perfect tent – The book will advise you what size is best,
what features are essential and much, much more … They’ve even
included a list of the best tents available and recommended
- How to pick the best backpack – there are hundreds of options
available, they’ll tell you how not to be overwhelmed by the wide
selection and how to choose the very best one for you … I’ve even
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- How to select the right boots/shoes – this information will
help ensure your trip is not ruined by sore feet!
- And much, much more!
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Here's to good camping! thanks, Novo

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